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We advise only those actions which we implement for our own portfolio. All we look for is how many happy clients are we serving.

We strive to be the clients’ most trusted distributor by transparent dealings, focused on client’s primary interests. Integrity for us means being unbiased by distorted incentives & being independent in our analysis & recommendations.

In nutshell, we pride ourselves only on two hallmarks

01.Honest Distribution

02. Quality Service

Values & Philosophy

We all dream of owning a successful company, calling the shots and pocketing a nice paycheck every other week. Oh, there are plenty of dreams out there but how many of us actually take that first step toward financial independence and a quality of life that depends, not on the folks upstairs in the big offices, but on your own hard efforts. When you own the business, financial independence depends on you.

  • Client Focus : Putting client at the center and giving our best to fulfill expectations of the client
  • Ethics & Integrity : To have a high degree of integrity in our work
  • Innovation : To develop & support new processes & ideas
  • Customization : Offering tailored solutions to client based on their financial goals & risk appetites

Ten Years of Experience in Financial and Products Services.

We are providing various Tax, Wealth, Estate, Retirement Planning & a platform for investing Mutual funds & Insurance Customized Plans and we have expert team to explain every point your wants to know

Mutual Funds

A single mutual fund may give investors a choice of various combinations of these expenses by offering various different types of share combinations.

Corporate Fixed

The Corporate Fixed Deposits are issued by the Public and Private Limited companies. It is governed by Section 73 of the Companies Act. I


Covering yourself under the umbrella of insurance is extremely important especially for breadwinners who are supporting their families alone.


Bonds are the instruments to raise the funds by the Government and Corporate entities from the public. It is considered as a loan from the subscribers.

What Our Client Says

Our more than 10 years of rich financial planning experience gives us the edge over competition. Our ethical approach ensures the client satisfaction and thus their further trust in our services.

  • Client Image

    Sheshadri Nagaraj is not just a financial consultant; he's a maestro in the world of numbers. With his keen analytical skills and deep understanding of financial intricacies, Sheshadri has been an invaluable asset to my financial journey. His guidance and expertise have not only helped me navigate complex financial decisions but have also empowered me to make informed choices with confidence. Sheshadri's dedication to his craft, coupled with his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, sets him apart as a truly exceptional financial consultant. I highly recommend Sheshadri Nagaraj to anyone seeking reliable and insightful financial advice.

    • Dr CPS Prakash
    • Ex Principal, Dayananda Sagar University
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    Choosing expert invest as my financial advisor was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Their proactive approach and attention to detail have saved me both time and money, while their insightful guidance has helped me make smarter financial decisions. If you're looking for a trusted partner to help you achieve your financial goals, look no further other than Sheshadri

    • Vasuki Shayana
    • Software engineer, Nichesolv Private limited
  • Client Image

    I can't thank Sheshadri, Expert invest enough for their exceptional financial advice. Their deep knowledge of the market and thoughtful approach to wealth management have been instrumental in securing my financial future. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build wealth intelligently

    • Nayana R
    • TeamLlead Accenture

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